Hello!! (\ (◕ ワ ◕✿)
This is a work in progress ATM!!!

Hello there!
I'm Maca/Maku, I'm an Engineering student, whose hobby is playing games, drawing, etc...

I must also mention, that I'm chilean, and that my native language is not english, so I might make mistakes on my grammar sometimes, and I aim to keep improving my english!

I am a quite shy person, but friendly overall, I aim to inspire others and do my best to make things as good as I can.

Here's a few on my pieces, please click to view them in full size!


More art at:
@MacaHeroes // Twitter // Instagram@Miracletails // Tumblr // Art tag: #My Art

A few of the series I like are:
-Puyo Puyo ★
-Sonic The Hedgehog


@MacaHeroes // Twitter // Instagram@SweetPallete // Ao3 // Twitter Alt@Miracletails // Tumblr // Art tag: #My Art@MacaHeroes // DA // Currently not in use